The Amazing Game of Billiards 

Billiards is a game played on a large table, in which you use a long stick called a cue, to hit balls against each other or into pockets around the sides of the table. The game of billiard has a long and rich history, from the times of the reign of Mary queen of Scots, stretching to this century. This game evolved into the indoor games, from the outdoor stick and ball lawn games which were known as ground billiards. The word billiard is believed to have originated from the French term billart, which means stick, it could also have originated from the French term bille which means ball.

The outdoor form of billiard died out in the 17th century, in favor of golf and bowling games. While the table billiards grew in popularity as an outdoor activity, table billiard grew to the extent that by 1727 this form of game was being played in every café, especially the ones situated in Paris. Due to the popularity of the sport of billiards, the demand for tables and other equipment was high and furniture makers such as john Thurston met the demand in Europe. The earliest balls were made of wood and clay, but the uber rich preferred to have balls made from ivory.

The objective of billiards consists of striking the object ball with a cue ball, hitting the rails exactly three times and then contacting the second ball. All the tables used are covered a billiard cloth, often called a felt and consist of a wool and nylon blend. The materials used in tables that are in bars and taverns; tend to be made from durable cloth while those at homes are made from 100%worsted wool.  The color of the billiard cloth has traditionally been green but these days you can find then in a number of colors including red.

Other equipments used, include a rack this is basically a frame that is used to organize the billiard balls before a game. Billiard racks are usually triangular in shape, but varies depending on the type of billiards being played. The two main types of rack include, the triangular shape that is used for straight pool and a diamond shaped rack used for nine-ball.

The balls used in billiards are larger in size than other pool balls but weigh the same with the other pool counterparts. The first billiard balls were made using mud and ivory but due to the increasing demand, many trades’ men began to improvise and come up with new modern balls. The new balls made today are made from plastic materials that are strong and resist cracking and chirping. 

Billiard games are played with a stick known as a cue. This stick is usually either a one piece tapered stick or two pieces of stick divided in the middle by a joint of metal. Cheap cues are usually made of pine and low-grade maple while the high quality cues are made of hardwood.

Although for the past few years this game is not played as much ,it has found itself being used in popular culture for example the billiard ball with the number 8 has been used on t shirts and other merchandise.

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