Live Darts Betting – How to Play Cricket Darts Game

Cricket is popular darts game across America. It is a simple game to play compared to the main Darts game thus giving an amateur darts player a chance of throwing darts. It is a transition from the primary darts game. Check this site for more information.

While Cricket is an American name for the game, the English also have a similar one they call Tactic. What varies between the two darts games

How to Play Cricket Darts Game is the numbers on the board that the game uses to play.

How to use the numbers

The playing numbers of a cricket darts game are 15 to 20 and the bull’s eye.The object of opening a number is by scoring it three times in whichever way you prefer in one turn or more. Throwing in the triple of the number scores it at one go. A double will open the number with two throws. While in singles you have to throw three times.

The order of scoring

The scoring numbers are 15 to 20 and the bull’s eye. None of any other numbers on the board count. Hitting those different numbers will be counted as a miss. Therefore, it is very crucial to aim at only these few selected numbers not to lose a throw.

The selected numbers will be open until the team hits them three times. Once a team hits a number three times, it closes it and is free to move to the next one. However, as mentioned earlier, hitting a triple can close the number at one go. While hitting the double is considered a two-time hit.

best darts betting sitesThe team that closes the number can gain points from hitting any section of the number. For example; if the number closed is 20, then if the player hits triple 20 he gains 60 points or the double will score 40 points. The game will continue until the opponent player hits that particular number three times or as specified. Then the number will be out of play. The inner bull’s eye scores 50 points while the outer bull’s eye scores 25 points.

When a player scores, it must be recorded immediately, otherwise the record will be invalid if recorded when the opponent goes to play.

How to play

Each team play in turns by throwing the three darts. Every throw on the selected numbers counts. After the three throws, the team tallies the score on the scoring board. It does not matter which number is hit so long as it is among the selected numbers. However, proper recording is necessary to note which number you have hit so that you do not lose the points.

If a team consists of many players, then they can play alternatively when it is their turn to play. The game continues with each side aiming to close a number, and gaining most points from the closed numbers.

Once both teams have closed out all the numbers including the bull’s eyes, then the teams with highest points become the winner. One thing to note is that, once a team closes the number, it will keep taking advantage of that particular number by gaining points as much as possible. These are the much-needed points for winning the game.

Last Word

Having this information, you can then become a “pro” player in this game. All you need is to choose a number and aim at it. What then can stop you from winning the game? Go for it and enjoy your cricket darts game.